I find it inspiring that Bangor has such a rich history, yet in some respects feels like a blank canvas on which to paint the future.  My vision for Bangor is a 21st century one – a connected, visionary direction that the whole community can work toward.

Here’s why I’m running for Bangor City Council this November 5th: to strengthen and encourage economic development; to better utilize our public spaces; to create more effective communication between City Council, city government, and the community.

I am invested in the people and the community of Bangor. I’ve raised my daughter, Vanessa, here. Today she’s a student in the STEM program at Bangor High School and is already exemplifying the values my mother instilled in me – hard work, helping others, and involvement in community.

I’m excited to be taking on this campaign.  I’m running for Bangor City Council, not for political aspirations, but to be of deeper service to the community I love. I can’t do it alone. I need your help.  This campaign isn’t about me; it’s about what we can accomplish together.  Thank you for your support