“We Can Hear You Now:” Effective Communication

We live in an incredible time where we hold the Internet in our hand and video calls are commonplace. I believe that in order for Bangor to be most productive, we need to maximize communication between City Hall and the community. This relationship should be based on civility, respect, common sense, transparency, and trust.

There’s a new, 21st century model of communication. It’s based on two-way dialogue, and it’s what people expect. From social media engagement to public forums on hot-button issues, I believe the best organization is the one who never forgets who it works for – and who always takes the time to listen.

“Growth From Within, Inspiration From Without”: Full Service Economy

It’s becoming more and more apparent that Bangor is not an island – it’s an integrated part of our national and global community. I believe it’s time to start thinking that way.

The challenges that come with growth are not unique. By looking to similar cities for “best practices”, we can overcome insular thinking and streamline our own growth process.

And yes, it’s true: some of our best and brightest may leave for greener pastures. I see that as a great opportunity for them, and for Bangor. It’s time to give  those who have left a reason to bring their education and experiences back to be put to good use here at home. Let’s spend our energy on:

  • Attracting new, productive businesses with fresh perspectives to Bangor,
  • Developing the infrastructure to attract 21st century businesses,
  • Attracting year-round residents, not just seasonal visitors,
  • Identifying opportunities for new employers with new jobs – including manufacturing and R&D.
  • Making Bangor’s growth plan more transparent, sustainable, and actionable.

Let’s build a Bangor that will make our best and brightest want to bring their talents back home.

A Collaborative Vision”: Our Public Spaces, Safety, and Quality of Life

Any number of credible studies will tell you that better utilized public spaces mean economic benefits to a city like Bangor. But let’s be honest: you don’t need a study to tell you that. It’s good common sense.

  • Let’s develop more quality uses for Bangor’s public parks and spaces. Improvements, events, and programs will bring more traffic to surrounding businesses and provide everyone with greater opportunities to enjoy this great city. Underutilized public spaces attract loitering, litter, and unsafe conditions. Let’s better utilize Bangor’s public spaces for the benefit of all.
  • This city was borne of the back of hard work, commerce, and innovation. I believe Bangor should continue to actively preserve and promote our history for inspiration and public enjoyment. Let’s plan to better use Bangor’s historic areas to share our rich heritage.

“Commitment to the Future”: Education

The insight and experience I have and continue to gain through every age and school level in the life of my daughter gives me a unique perspective and admiration for the Bangor School Department.  I’d like to see every child in Bangor have the opportunities that my daughter has had to develop and grow; academically, artistically, and athletically.